Our Story


My name is Robert L. Sandles, I am an African American male in my early sixties and the eighth of nine sons and two daughters born to Edd and Bertha Sandles of Limestone County Texas. Allow me to share my story and the stories of a few of my siblings. As a prostate cancer survivor, and the founder of the SANDLES FOUNDATION, I feel it is necessary to spread the awareness about prostate cancer and advocate for a cure. Until my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 75, I had little or no knowledge about prostate cancer. After the death of our father and the unfortunate experience with prostate cancer within the Sandles family, we have increased our knowledge about prostate cancer.

In June 2005, I was the last of nine sons to be diagnosed with prostate cancer and fortunately the methods to treat this disease are much more advanced with more options available for treatment. The first to be diagnosed was Stanley D. Sandles in 1989 when he was 55 years old and he fought the cancer battle until age 71 when he passed away from the disease. The second brother to be diagnosed with prostate cancer was Joe N. Sandles at age 56. It was found in August 1993 during a routine physical examination. George Sandles, now age 85, has been a prostate cancer survivor for 18 years. He first tested for cancer in 1992 and again in 1993; each time showed negative.  In 1994 the test showed positive for prostate cancer and George elected to have an operation. Since the 1994 operation, there have been no signs of prostate cancer. In March 1996, James Sandles, the youngest of nine sons was the fourth brother to test positive with prostate cancer at 48 years old. On the heels of James’ discovery our brother Ray Sandles was diagnosed and had surgery in July 1996. Brady Edd Sandles was diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 2000. Brady was 70 years of age when the prostate gland was radically removed in February of 2001. He also received radiation treatment following the surgery. Now at age 81, he is doing well. This terrible disease has also spread to the next generation. Clarence E. Sandles is the offspring of Brady Sandles and in July 2007 Prostate cancer was discovered. In December 2007, at age 53, Clarence had the prostate gland radically removed.

Without a yearly examination, the early stages of this disease would not have been detected. The stories of all the family members are not available at this time. It is my hope that as time pass and life last, other family members will share their experiences. We must work together to find a cure!!! WONT YOU HELP!!! THERE IS A NEED!!!